Why are we not Conversing?

Conversations occur everywhere.

The ones that may take place while being surrounded by different faces in the room or at times, even transpire when we look at our reflection in the mirror. The tiniest things often make the most difference. A simple Hi, a wave, a smile! They have been known as the markers of beginnings. Nonetheless, we often fail to understand the essence of them.

It’s easy to talk. We talk to everyone all the time. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with strangers. Babbling about things that are not important. Most of us don’t mind saying ‘Hello’ to a person sitting next to us or ‘Smile’ when someone passes-by. It’s easy. There are no rules; no expectations; no judgments. It is just a way of play-acting to fit in the social circle.

The difficult part is to converse – to share and understand. Today, when a huge percentage of our generation suffer from the fear of being socially left-out is largely due to the gap between talking and conversing. We meet new people and talk about anything and everything. But we fail to make an actual conversation. We neglect the prospects of being acquainted with that person, and consequently, we lose a chance of being connected. Later on, we wonder why our social life is not so happening as others. The truth is, we need to appreciate the fact that talking isn’t so essential; but conversation might just make all the difference. There is no point in going and talking to every other person in an attempt to enlarge our friend circle but to value the opportunity of conversing with a few special ones who might end up staying with us for the rest of our lives.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot start a real conversation with everyone. There are abiding aspects. It happens when people share an intangible spark. A mutual, yet unsaid trust. We reach a point from where the need to say entirely fades. Our facial expressions are enough to convey our emotions. Our friends or loved ones comprehend the hidden meaning behind ‘I am okay!’ for they know us inside-out. And that’s not all. It does not demand to depend explicitly on physical presence. Virtual conversations are also ‘a thing’. It may be the midnight version of ‘I wish…’ in our heads or the crumbling phase of ‘How much have I lost?’ The types of exchanges where our real-selves come out. We dare to fight the time zones from several miles away, through our cell phone screens, allowing our feelings to befall into emoji. We don’t care to pretend, to make sense, or to prove. We merely want the other person to know because we are no longer afraid of being misunderstood. The distance no longer matters. Everything falls into place without any effort.

All we need is to converse…


Daily Prompt | Conversation

– by Ronika Postaria


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