Messy is what life is!

A simple question most people ask is ‘what is life?’ I don’t have the answer either. Nevertheless, I have a perception. An idea with which I live. I believe that the trick is not to understand life but to give it a meaning. But how can we give life a meaning without knowing what it is?

They say, on our deathbed, in our last minute our brain gives us a flashback of our life’s memories. Imagine what your last minute would be like if you don’t have reminiscences. All those years we left behind, what good did they have in them? As kids, we don’t know what life is. As youngsters, we confuse life with future. As adults, we realize life is a struggle. And as we grow old, life becomes a fear of death. People say live your life on your ideologies and don’t let others influence the way you live. But do we really live life as we want?

Everything comes at a price. In this case, that price is considering the possibilities and not be terrified of them. Life doesn’t come with a handbook, but that does not mean we stop living it. If you are having no trouble with anything, no desires, and no unfulfilled goals; are you really living your life? I am not saying we should not be satisfied with the things we have, nor am I saying we should be greedy, but there is a thin line between being happy and being just alive. We want so much from our lives, but often we compromise those wishes for something more acceptable rationally. We fail to take the risks to make a momentous life. A step towards realizing why our life matters, and what in life counts! We imagine life to be everything other than what it truly is…

Messy is what life is, but that doesn’t take away its purpose. Life is not about ageing, it’s about making memories. Having experiences and stories to share. It is appreciating what you are and what you want. Bearing in mind that even if you are not capable of having it, life is worth pushing your limits. Life is about the unforeseen. The fear, the excitement, the gratification. It is about striving.

If Life is a journey and Death is the destination, then what matters more? Don’t fear life, Live it.


Daily Prompt |Messy

– by Ronika Postaria



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  1. Your blog is STUNNING. Genuinely I love the look of your blog so much and your posts are so well written! I’m so happy that you got back into blogging because I can’t wait to read more posts from you!:)


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